January 2010:

Steven Sims joined the NiSE group as an undergraduate research student.  Welcome Steve!  

A special issue of the Computers and Security (COSE) Journal from Elsevier edited by Dr. Seok-Won Lee (with Mattia Monga) will be published in Spring 2010. The theme of the special issue is "Software Engineering for Secure Systems" and will include 4 articles selected out of 23 submissions. 


August, 2009:

The following paper got fully accepted by the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering Methodology (TOSEM) which is the most prestigious journal in the area of Software Engineering.  This paper is based on the PhD dissertation of Dr. Robin Gandhi who is a former graduate of the NiSE research group and an assistant professor at the Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha. Congratulations! 

Robin Gandhi and Seok-Won Lee, “Discovering Multi-dimensional Correlations among Regulatory Requirements to Understand Risk” To appear in the ACM Transactions on Software Engineering and Methodology (ACM ToSEM), ACM Press, Fully accepted on August 2009. (Regular Issue, 35 pages, submitted: March 2008)   [PDF

May, 2009:

One of our research assistants Rashna Vatcha completed her MSIT degree. Congratulations!
Rashna will continue to work in the NiSE research group as a research associate for the DOT project. 

February, 2009:

Liwei Shen joined NiSE group as a post-doc/visiting scholar from software engineering lab at Fudan University, Shanghai, China.  He will work on our collaborative research project in the field of Adaptive & Fault-tolerant Software Product Line. 


August, 2008:

Jing Xie (PhD in IT) and Ridhi Dua (MSIT) joined our NiSE research group starting from Fall 2008. Welcome!

May, 2008:

Four NiSE members (Siddharth, Robin and Ajeet - Remi not shown) celebrate their graduation at the May 2008 Commencement. Congratulations!  

March, 2008:

Our PhD student member Robin Gandhi successfully defended his PhD dissertation titled "Discovering and Understanding the Multi-dimensional Correlations among Regulatory Requirements with Application to Risk Assessment" on March 14, 2008. He is the first PhD graduate in Software Engineering from the Department of Software and Information Systems. Congratulations!   

He also accepted a tenure-track Assistant Professor position from the College of Information Science and Technology, University of Nebraska at Omaha starting from August 2008.  Good luck, Robin on your new professional career!  


December, 2007:

Our senior student member Jonathan Mast graduated at the December 15th, UNC Charlotte Commencement. He will be working as a software engineer at the IT company in Charlotte. Congratulations! 


September, 2007:

The following paper has been accepted to the REV'07.

Robin Gandhi and Seok-Won Lee, “Visual Analytics for Requirements-driven Risk Assessment” To appear in Proceedings of the second international workshop on Requirements Engineering Visualization (REV ’07) in conjunction with the IEEE 15th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE '07), October 15-19, Delhi, India, 2007. [PDF]

August, 2007: 

Mr. Mi Zhou (密 周), a new PhD student joined our NiSE group.  He has BS and MS degrees in Computer Science, both from Xian Jia Tong University in China. 

June, 2007:

An extended abstract paper and the research poster “r-AnalytiCA: Requirements Analytics for Certification & Accreditation” (Seok-Won Lee, Robin Gandhi, Siddharth Wagle, and Ajeet Murty) has been accepted for inclusion in the Posters, Demos and Exhibits session of the IEEE 15th International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE '07).

A new research project “Commercialized Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Technology Application - Integrated Remote Sensing and Visualization (IRSV) System for Transportation Infrastructure Operations and Management” funded by the US Dept. of Transportation (USDOT) will be performed by the UNC Charlotte (Shen-en Chen, Edd Hauser, Bill Ribarsky, William Tolone, Paul Smith, David Weggel, Seok-Won Lee), NC DoT, Charlotte DoT and ImageCat Inc. during 6/1/2007 – 5/31/2009.   Here is the link to the UNC Charlotte News article:

April, 2007:

A research paper entitled "Discovering and Understanding Multi-dimensional Correlations among Certification Requirements with application to Risk Assessment” (Robin Gandhi and Seok-Won Lee) has been accepted for a technical presentation at the the 15th IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference (RE 07, Acceptance ratio 35/172 ≈ 20%), which will be held in  Delhi, India, October 15-19, 2007.  RE is the most prestigious and highly competitive conference in Requirements Engineering area.

Siddharth Wagle successfully defended his Masters thesis entitled "Ontology Guided Service Composition to Support Requirements-Driven Certification and Accreditation Workbench" on April 16th, 2007. 

Robin Gandhi received the Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award at the 2007 Annual Awards Dinner for the College of Computing and Informatics at the UNC Charlotte, April 10, 2007. Student Activity Center Salons.



May, 2006:
Dandan Wang
who will join NiSE research group in Fall 2006 as a PhD student is a recipient of the 2006 School of Graduate Studies and Research Outstanding Student of the Year Award; Outstanding Computer Science Graduate Student of the Year at the Winston Salem State University where she is finishing her Masters program in Computer Science.

April 12, 2006:
Dr. Seok-Won Lee
has been awarded the 2006 Graduate Faculty Excellence in Teaching Award at the College of IT Annual Awards Banquet.

April 10, 2006:
Divya Muthurajan
successfully defended her Masters thesis entitled "A Methodology to Build Decision Support Problem Domain Ontology from Natural Language Security Requirements for Software Assurance".


November 22, 2005:
Deepak Yavagal
successfully defended his Masters thesis entitled "Requirements Engineering Approach to Automate a Complex Secure Software Assurance Process: DITSCAP Automation Study".


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